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How do you like your heroes and heroines? Do you like relatable folks with real life struggles? Folks who talk to each other sooner rather than later to work out their problems? Folks who ultimately choose the right course of action, not just the one that gets the job done regardless of collateral damage?


What about story content? Do you want to read about external conflicts? Heroes fighting against villains instead of each other? Conflicts that are intense rather than graphically violent? Language that is witty and intelligent, with minimal (if any) profanity? Romantic content that is sensual rather than graphically sexual?

Kristi writes about hard-working people living realistic lives. Her heroes are cowboys and bush pilots, her heroines are tough cops and office workers and veterinarians. She puts ordinary people into extraordinary situations, and lets them discover true character in the face of danger.


Her Young Adult Fantasy novels are delightful, family friendly stories with a wholesome message packed within lots of action and suspense. Her YA Time Travel books are grittier, with more intense violence and a focus on action and adventure.

Welcome, Readers!

It might be somewhat out of style these days, but Kristi's heroes and heroines have lines that they don't cross, things that they won't do to save the day. They will find a way to achieve their goals that may take longer and be riskier, rather than cross those lines into doing "whatever it takes" and landing in the murk of questionable morality.

They are human, and they do make mistakes. They are practical people and if their loved one is in imminent danger and the only way to save them is to shoot to kill, then somebody is going to die. But death and mayhem are never the first choice for Kristi's heroes.

Her villains, however, are under no such restraints. With each novel, Kristi goes deeper to create characters who have real motives, goals, and backgrounds that give the reader a glimpse into the heart of darkness. Villains who hold life cheap, and leave chaos in their wake.


But villains aren't always so clear cut. What about when conflict comes from within families? What happens when loved ones believe something so opposite they refuse to see common ground? Or when a community rises up to support the devil in the disguise of prosperity? What if everything you hold dear is threatened by modern progress? 

The end result is nail biting, edge of your seat suspense that will keep you turning pages, rooting for the good guys and that happy ever after ending.

Kristi's primary genre is suspense with just a dash of romance. She also writes Young Adult Fantasy and Time Travel.
In addition, she has written a Sci-Fi short story with her sister, Elaine, and has put together a collection of her poetry.



When Kristi isn’t riding her Harley or working at The Arc of Lane County for her “day job”, you can find her in front of her computer, hammering out exciting stories full of action and suspense for anyone willing to read them, or hanging around on social media.


While she has worked on her writing craft for +30 years, like many authors, she had to work other jobs to make ends meet. She has a strange and varied work history, having held jobs in a hotel, a car wash, an insurance company, an electronics assembly line, an auto parts warehouse, a blueberry nursery, and as a truck driver and owner of her own trucking company. She even delivered nuts and bolts around town for a fastener store/warehouse for a while as she pursued her writing career in earnest. Now she is a billing specialist for an agency that advocates for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

She got married for the first time at 38, skipped being a mommy and went straight to Grandma. It is fully her intention to go to her grave having never changed a diaper.

Since May 2016
Kristi's Books

Kristi Cramer Books is based in Springfield, Oregon - email:

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