Proofreading & Formatting Services

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Fine Print:

Your appointment is subject to adjustment if it conflicts with other events that don't show up on the calendar. (This online process is new to us, so we will need to verify that everything is on track and review our calendar for accuracy or conflicts.)


Some important information:

1) The duration of each service is an ESTIMATE. We may complete your project earlier or later than that estimate. Either way (in most cases) the price does not change. We will do our best to complete your project by the deadline, but we cannot guarantee we will get it done by the hour stipulated. Once we dig into the project, we will be able to update you with estimated time to completion.


We strongly suggest you do not leave the proofing process to the last minute before publication, as issues may arise that cause delays, plus you will need time to integrate our suggested changes. As old Ben Franklin might say, "Haste makes poor quality control."

2) If your project is longer than the listed word count, you may have to book additional time slots for additional fees. Again, the duration is only an estimate. The rate is per word, not per hour, so depending on how much work goes into your project, times will vary.

3) All proofreading services are subject to acceptance by us. If your project is deemed unready for our service, we reserve the right to cancel or postpone working on your project. We will not charge you any fees, and we will be happy to explain why we think it isn't ready. We highly recommend utilizing the Free Consultation to determine your project's readiness ahead of scheduling a full service.

Because proofing is a subjective service, some projects may just not be a fit for our skill set and/or expertise. We reserve the right to refuse any project. Again, we highly recommend utilizing the Free Consultation to determine compatibility ahead of scheduling a full service.

4) We are also aware that on your end, projects are subject to your creative process and you may have to delay sending it to us. We will work with you in whatever way possible to reschedule your service, but as a courtesy to our other customers, we may not be able to treat your project as a priority if it arrives after your scheduled appointment.

Premium Proofing Service includes these steps:

We will check for spelling errors (including ‘wrong word’ choices), and mark sentences/phrases that we find awkward. 
We will offer suggestions on how to correct awkward sentences: structure, basic grammar, phrasing, etc.
We will flag Point of View and Narrative Tense issues.
We will ask questions that a reader might ask and want answered within the book.
We will give our overall impression of your manuscript and our opinion on its readiness for publication.

We will NOT do any fact checking, and will assume that all research has been done.
We will NOT try to change the style or tone of your manuscript.
We will NEVER insist that you make any of the changes we suggest.

Grammar and punctuation are assessed using the Chicago Manual of Style.

Booking a Service

Except where indicated, all services are based on word count more than a projected time limit. You may be required to book more than one service to complete your project. For this purpose, the effective word count may be rounded down or up to the nearest service level, depending largely upon how much work must be performed. We will always stay in contact with you and if it looks like additional fees must be charged, we will not proceed until approval has been received.

If you have any questions or need to reschedule, please get in touch.

We will be in contact with you ahead of the service to receive your project, and discuss payment procedure. All payments are conducted through PayPal, and new customers must pay in advance.

Thanks so much for considering us!