Knights of Juneau #1: Knight Before Dawn

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Read Book 1 in the Knights of Juneau series. Please be sure to select the format you require and whether you want the adult (PG-17 version) or the "Squeaky Clean" (PG-13) version from the dropdown menu.

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Knight Before Dawn
When kidnap victim Cassandra Reyes meets Alaskan bush pilot Nicolas Knight, she doesn't know if she should trust him, or run like hell.

Cassandra Reyes wakes up in a hotel in Juneau, Alaska, with no notion of where she is or why. Cassie recalls only vague flashes of the events that landed her a thousand miles from her Seattle Office, but what she does remember leads her to the realization that she was kidnapped by mistake. When she meets bush pilot Nicolas Knight, she doesn’t know if he truly is just a compassionate stranger, or if he was somehow involved in her abduction.

Nick Knight is baffled by the beautiful woman he encounters in Juneau. Although he finds her hauntingly vulnerable, he is also struck by her remarkable strength, and when he learns Cassie’s story, he decides to help her. Cassie convinces Nick that if her abductors aren’t stopped, they will keep looking for their intended target. Together, Cassie and Nick find themselves risking their lives to protect a stranger from being kidnapped… or worse.

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