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All titles available in paperback are listed in the dropdown menu. Simply select which title you want and add it to your bag. If you want more than one title, repeat the process. Shipping costs will be calculated at checkout. You will be required to provide your shipping/mailing address and an email address so we can send you your tracking number.

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Content Ratings:
Knight Before Dawn is R rated for LVS
Thomas Family Novels individual titles are PG-17 for V

Old cover versions of Last Shot at Justice, Last Second Chance, and One Last Song are PG-17 for LVS

Musician & Alien is R Rated for VL

To Make a King is PG-13 and Flinch Free
The Bonnie Isles Trilogy is out of print, but we have a couple copies left for sale. (It was re-booted as To Make a King, and is also PG-13 and Flinch Free.)

Sherwood Rogue is PG17 for VLS

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