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We're trying to catch up with the whole GDPR thing, but a death in the family right at the critical ramp-up time has us behind the 8-Ball.

Our Privacy Policy will continue to evolve with more details, but for the moment:

Key things to know for visitors: the entity of KC Books does NOT collect any data from you that you didn't enter yourselves. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you either did so on our site, or via an InstaFreebie event. We did not and do not buy or otherwise gather your email address from another party. Furthermore, we do no share your information with any outside parties. Third party apps (such as our eStore) may use cookies, but KC Books does not access that information in any way.

It is important to note that Wix as the host of our page does use cookies, and we will add those detail as we figure out what it all means.

We will continue the effort to make our site compliant with all the various privacy laws, but know that we will not knowingly compromise the privacy of any information your share with us.

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