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Kristi Cramer's Proof Reading & Formatting Service


Kristi also offers inexpensive proof reading and formatting services
for self-published and independent authors. If you know what you want, go to our booking page to schedule your service now.


Try Her Out

Upon request, Kristi will read and mark ten pages (any pages, up to 2500 words) for free, to help potential clients determine whether they want to hire her.

Prices for Premium Service

(Tight Budget? Check out our Basic Proofreading Service on our booking page!)

$45.00 (minimum charge) for up to the first 30,000 words. (That's .0015¢ per word.) This minimum must be received prior to return of the manuscript for new customers. Each additional word will be factored at .0015¢/word.


What You Get

She will check for spelling errors, including ‘wrong word’ choices and missing words.

She will mark awkward sentences/phrases.

She will offer suggestions on how to correct awkward sentences: structure, basic grammar, phrasing, etc.
        (Punctuation and grammar are reviewed using the guidelines of the Chicago Manual of Style.)

She will flag Point of View and Narrative Tense issues.

She will ask questions that a reader might ask and want answered within the book.

She will give her overall impression of your manuscript and her opinion of its readiness for publication.

She will make note of any potential formatting issues she finds.

She will NOT do any fact checking, and will assume all research has been done.
She will NOT try to change the style or tone of your manuscript.
She will NEVER insist that you make any of the changes she suggests.

Additional Services

(see booking page for rates)

Developmental Editing: Work closely with a new/enthusiastic author to not only polish a manuscript, but teach some fundamental self-editing and writing skills, including story structure, voice, and narrative tense.


$20 Re-Read after edits have been made. She can do a very basic proof read if you want her to double check for any missed/new errors after she has proofed your manuscript, or if you have a 'final draft' after working with a professional editor. (See special circumstances.)


Special Circumstances: In the event there are a large number of markups needed (i.e. 20 or more pages with 6 or more edit suggestions and/or verified errors on one page) the price per page increases on a sliding scale, which will be defined in our agreement. If this becomes apparent, you will be notified, and given the opportunity to reconsider the project. (There will be no surprises at project completion.)


Light fact checking on real world places and/or events that are mentioned or related in the story. (This does not include checking the science on Sci-Fi.)


Basic Formatting for narrative fiction (not picture or image-heavy books). Get ready to upload to various self-pub websites, such as KDP, Nook, Smashwords, AllRomance, etc. Ask about customs touches, such as chapter and scene breaks.

Check formatting of files after conversion to various formats. (, PDF, ePub, etc.)

Basic Website Design: Like what you see on her site? She can do the same for the content you provide, using Wix or GoDaddy's Website Builder. Designs won't be flashy or complex, but your website will be functional and will look nice. Includes basic help with domains & hosting.

All payments will be facilitated through PayPal. New customers may be asked to pay in advance.


A note on qualifications:

Kristi has been a writer for nearly four decades, and has attended dozens of classes and workshops on the writing craft. She has studied with teachers, professors, and successful writers, including the likes of Nora Roberts, Lisa Jackson, and Debbie Macomber, to name a few. She has learned all elements of the writing craft, from story development to sentence structure to proofing.

She has a keen eye for spotting errors in manuscripts and does not rely on spellcheck or other auto-checking software. Finding missing words and wrong word choices is her specialty. She has found mistakes that have slipped by professional editors and teams of beta readers. Analyzing texts and puzzling out how to say it better is a compulsion which she happens to enjoy.

She has sether prices so low in order to make our services accessible to cash-strapped self-pub and 'indie' authors, because she believes proof reading is an important and vital tool that ought to be used before every book gets published.

Give her a try!   


I must interrupt to say you will be far ahead of the game if you have Kristi proof for you. Kristi reads your book with a fresh eye, picking up the details you miss as a writer. I feel like she embraces the story and truly digs down deep to offer suggestions that blend seamlessly into the heart of the story. She is easy to work with and I highly recommend giving her a shot. And to think, I knew her back when.... ;)

E.B. Brown, Author

             The Time Walkers series

             The Viking Sagas

             Time Walkers: The Creed series

             The Pretenders series

Kristi Cramer is more than a proofreader. Yeah, she finds typos that spell check whizzes past. She corrects wrong words the author’s eyes fail to see. She flags awkward sentence structure that stops the reader dead in his/her tracks. But Kristi Cramer goes far beyond typical proofreading. Drawing from years of writing, proofing and editing peer’s novels as well as her own, Kristi suggests stronger action verbs and better metaphors that will give your story the punch it needs and deserves. She calls attention to disruptive Points of View changes, character and plot inconsistencies and much more. And she does it all without being cold and snarky. Kristi takes a genuine interest in making your novel the best it can be. Whether you are writing a short story, a novella or a full-length novel, you owe it to yourself and your manuscript to employ the proofreading services of Kristi Cramer. Kristi made a difference in my latest novel. She can help you too.

 Calvin Dean, Author

               The Epitaph of Jonas Barloff

               A Door Unlocked

               The Rookie Umpire (a short story)

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