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✔ Leaving Sherwood (a Fickle Universe Time Travel Companion)

✔ Last Shot at Justice (the first Thomas Family Novel) 

✔ A True Prince, Part One of To Make a King 

(the first Magic of Verridian novel)


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Terms and Conditions: By signing up, you agree to receive periodic emails that may contain news about new releases, sales, signings, sneak peeks at current works in progress and, in time, serialized content you won't find anywhere else prior to publication. I may post musings about some of the topics I've researched during the month, and perhaps comments from readers, and answers to any questions that were asked.  You will be the first to hear about giveaways, contests, and opportunities to receive Advance Review Copies of upcoming releases. We'll also share deals from other fabulous authors that we hear about.

You can also opt in to get "Exciting News" - things like sales, signings, and releases that come up in between newsletters.

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