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Links to Kristi Cramer on Social Media Sites


Kristi has found Dreamstime to be a valuable site for finding stock photography to use as covers for her books. Dreamstime is an important service for access to high quality photos necessary to create professional covers and other artwork for books. Several licensing options are available for most photos.


Search Free Stock Photos or Register to sell your photographs on Dreamstime using these links.


Please note: If you buy or register via these links, Kristi gets credit toward her next Dreamstime purchase.



Kristi uses facebook to interact with readers interested in what is going on with her work. facebook is a fun social interaction site where people can connect with people and professionals who matter.



Like Kristi's Author Page to see updates on current works, learn about events like Giveaways, and upcoming releases.

Kristi is a GoodReads Author and uses this site to promote her books including periodic Giveaways. GoodReads is an excellent resource for avid readers to share their love of reading with other readers.

Friend/Fan/Follow Kristi on GoodReads to review her work, recommend her work, read excerpts, follow her blog.

Kristi Tweets, too...and Tumbls on occasion. She also pins "characters" and songs mentioned in the books on Pinterest and posts on Instagram. You can find her archived Trucker's Blog and current Writer's Blog on, and let's not forget Google+ and LinkedIn.

You can also find introductions to her stories on WattPad.

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