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Spectrum of Romance Café

~ Writers of Romantic Fiction ~


The Spectrum of Romance Café is a group of eight authors I'm a part of, who write across the spectrum of the romance genre. From sweet to steamy to downright erotic. From suspenseful to angst to positively dark and borderline criminal. We've got a read for whatever your mood. Click on the links to visit each author's Facebook page.

See below for listing of books, and direct associate links to Amazon Product pages.
Search each author's complete catalog at Kristi's Favorite Authors Associates Store.

Please note, this is a NOT a listing of young adult authors and titles.

These are all books with adult content--some are more racy, dark and erotic than others, but none would be suitable for readers under the age of 18

(or under the age of consent in your locality.)


AJ Adams
Romance, violence, murder & mayhem,
twisted together in off-beat, action packed stories.
Beast, Helpless, Deliverance, Songbird, The Degas Girl & The Bonus


AJ as Storm Chase

Pandora, Wildcat in Moscow, Murder in Moscow


Jayne Lockwood
Dark, Straight & M/M Erotica
Closer than Blood, The Cloud Seeker & Fallen Angel


Jayne as Savannah Smythe

Lexington Black

Katia Wildermann
Dirty-Sweet, Blunt Erotica
Drifting Sinners & Wayward Angels series:

Mad Season & Ain't That a Kick

Marissa Honeycutt
Epic Dark Paranormal Erotic Romance
Not for the faint of heart.
The Life of Anna series:
Enslaved, Entwined, Embraced, Ensnared, & Emerged
Distorted Hope


Violet Haze
Contemporary Romance
MateLunaHungry HeartLoving My Angel

Jenn Roseton
BBW Western & Contemporary Romances

Coldwater Springs series, Millionaire Cowboys series,

Billionaire Brothers series

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