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Sherwood Rogue

As a child, I didn’t have imaginary tea parties.
I was an outlaw fighting alongside the greatest rogue in Sherwood Forest, the notorious Robin Hood.
The stories kept me sane when I had no control.
They freed me from a bleak existence of abuse and neglect.
If life taught me anything, it was that living was hard, and only the dreams you made happen came true.
At nineteen, living in my uncle’s cabin in the Oregon Cascades, my life was anything but the fantasies of my childhood.
I was free, but I was alone. I was surviving.
Until I hiked into the mountains and carelessly challenged the universe to notice me.
A door made of white light appeared in front of me, compelling me to step through.
I took it. I stepped through.
Into the greatest trials, both physical and emotional, I’d ever face—into another time and unknown world that would test my strength to my core.
I would fight…
I would kill…
I would love...
Most of all, I would live.

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To Make a King is a Young Adult Fantasy in three parts.

Part One: A True Prince
Two friends discover the key to a mystery that, once unlocked, will change everything. Enemies they didn't know they had unleash magical forces to make sure the secret never comes to light.

Part Two: To Make a King
Dark magic undermines the Crown Prince's succession, and a young prince is encouraged to take action against his half-brother in a plot to usurp the crown. Before the sun sets on coronation day, brother will face brother and swords will be bared.

Part Three: Should Monarchs Stumble
When the new king stumbles, an old enemy is quick to take advantage, conspiring to take the kingdom by force. The king’s jester must decide whether to back the usurper, or help the king choose to be a better man.

A True Prince by Kristi L. Cramer

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What Reviewers said about each part of the story:

Part One: A True Prince

Part Two: To Make a King

5 Stars!

"I couldn't wait to find out what would happen next!" 


5 Stars!

"A rollicking read with a feisty heroine!" 


5 Stars!

"I could not put it down. I was sad when it ended because I wanted more!!" 


5 Stars!

"Omg! Ms. Cramer has done it again!" 


To Make a King has themes inspired by songs from my friend Jon West. One of the turning points in Should Monarchs Stumble is accompanied by this song, called "Magic is Real."

Part Three: Should Monarchs Stumble

5 Stars!

"It is definitely the best story of the three. That is saying a lot since the first two books were fantabulous!" 


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